Sunday, June 24, 2012

And Now For Our Feature Presentation: The Photography of Eros Adonis

'I build of each models personality and their vibe and treat each photo shoot as if it were a mini movie, creating story boards and doing research for costumes, props and locations.'
Eros Adonis

The use of mini movie by photographer Eros Adonis perfectly describes what I loved instantly about his work. I remember as a kid whenever old movies or television shows would have a scene depicting the back lots of old Hollywood studios there would countless extras walking through sound stages in costume. Police officers, soldiers and a gladiator or two walking alongside showgirls sporting brightly colored feathers. These scenes showed a little peak, a glimpse of the magic behind movie making. Part of my fascination with these scenes were that they broke the fourth wall, acknowledging that what you often see on screen is just an illusion.

So many movies today are so bloody serious. Death, destruction, violence, drugs and decease. Yes, I know these are all worthy subjects for dramatic cinema but I also thought one of the reasons to go to the movies was to escape. Many of today's photographers also sometimes seem to forget that art too is an avenue for escape. This overly serious trend is often paralleled by those chronicling the male form, forgetting that eroticism and sex, along with being just serious is also sometimes a fantasy, magical and a hell of a lot of fun.

'My shoots usually last about 2-6 hours and are always in a fun, energetic environment. I like to tease and joke and ensure a models inner glow shines out and radiates in their photos. This atmosphere encourages each model to kick into gear and work the camera. They become exhibitionists who communicate masculine sensuality with their eyes, lips and body language.'
Eros Adonis

This fun, energetic environment translates seamlessly into the artists final images. They are serious yes, but at the same time, not to be taken too too seriously. The are to art what Indiana Jones, Tarzan, and The Lone Ranger are to movies. The work of Eros Adonis is erotic, sexy as hell but all the while with a little knowing wink at the camera.

Eros Adonis focuses on the eroticism of the artistry of the male nude form. He strives to create photography that applies the tactics of fine art as well as the principles of graphic design.

'My main influences come from music, graphic novels, mythology, movies and pop art. Each model is evaluated before the photo session to see which concepts will showcase their individuality in a way that makes a statement. Many of the models have been photographed mulitple times over the course of 3-5 years so it’s interesting to me to see how their appearance changes over the years.'

With his masterful vision and creative presentation, Eros Adonis had develped a fan base for his work and the models he shoots, all over the globe. Italy, France, Switzerland, Australia, the Netherlands and Germany are all home to collectors of his images. There is no better compliment to an artists work than to have mass appeal work that transcends culture and language.

If you want to see more of the work of Eros Adonis check out ModelMayhem HERE:
To aquire a piece of your own you can check out his seller page on e-bay (erosadonis317) and see much more of his work!
You can also contact him directly at

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