Sunday, June 24, 2018

DrDerrol: The Maine Event

'All alone in the woods of Maine with nothing but me and my camera... Looks like I MAY have forgotten my safety gear.'

I can't exactly say that I spent my childhood summer's in Maine, but I can say I spent many summers as a kid driving through Maine. Usually I was in a car driving North, South or East of the The Pine Tree State, but I loved my drive through's and the stops along the way. One summer we did beg our parents to stop at Old Orchard Beach and I almost regret that they said yes... Our stop was so quick, it only had me wanting to stay and enjoy the area longer.

It was perfect timing then, that as spring officially turned to summer last week, Derrol (DrDerrol) sent on these shots from Maine. Many of you might remember Derrol from my previous piece featuring Derrol's work on The Pure. (Paint Removal) There's no body paint this time, just Derrol, his camera and the captured sites while visiting his family in Maine.

'It’s always nice to get back home for a visit into the woods of Maine and away from the hustle and bustle of California! I’m always happy when the family is away for the day because that means I get to have some naked time in the woods...the woods and being naked! Two things I love!!'

Whenever I visit home, whether for a day, or a week, I always find myself needing a break from my family. I love them dearly, but not having lived there for awhile, it can be stressful trying to integrate back into the rhythm and schedule of our parents and siblings. My dogs were always my saving grace, those nightly walks served a different purposes for myself and the dogs. Let's just say, we all felt relieved through the experience.

For Derrol, his 'alone' time away was a naked walk in the woods. Without worrying too much about the additional delicious spots for ticks to latch onto, Derrol strolled through the Maine woods with just his camera to catch the sites. It is also lupin season in the North East, and lupins always ensure nature's pathways are lined with brilliant pinks and purples.

As well as my drive thru's, when I think of Maine, I think of all the summer's I spent there via Stephen King. King is my favorite author, and his tales of Maine always weaved the local flavor with of course a dash of the sinister... Derrol's adds a sexy sprinkle of sinister in the shots with the axe, and of course his wood.

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