Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Masculine Grace: Ben by Lights On Studio

'Ben was an easy subject to photograph. He could just stand there and look amazing. He was perfect for the photo session.

Earlier this year, I was fortunate to feature photographer Tom Nakielski's (Lights on Studio) work with Ben. (HERE:)  Ben was one of the first models I noticed on Tom's Model Mayhem portfolio and had been looking forward to seeing, and showcasing more of his work with Tom.  In the first piece, the images were from Tom and Ben's first shoot together, these images, are from their second.

'Ben was even more confident for this second session. It is great to work with someone who is so fluid in front of the camera. He is able to execute body builder physique shots, gladiator beauty, and pin-up style images with strength and masculine grace.'

Tom's use of the phrase 'masculine grace' perfectly describes why I was so drawn to his images of Ben.  We all have preferences, and specific reasons why a model, an image, or an artist's work appeals to us.  For me, it comes down to face and form.  Specific body parts are really quite irrelevant if I'm dawn to a model's face, or taken with the poses captured.

I use the words 'lines and curves' often when describing images.  A model's age, their hair color, ethnicity, body type or penis size become secondary if the focus is form.  I am not usually drawn to images of bodybuilders.  I often find them stiff in front of the camera, and the focus more on muscle mass than the male form in it's entirety.

As Tom mentioned, Ben was beautifully able to transition between physique shots, to glamour and beauty through his elegant poses and fluidity in front of the lens.  Tom did a spectacular job of systemically capturing Ben, both his incredible body and strength, and through pose and lighting, his more intimate and sensual sides as well.

Ben grew up on his family farm, but moved from the fields and makes his living as a computer programmer and software developer.  Ben obviously works out regularly to stay in shape and describes himself as a natural pro-bodybuilder.   Working in an office all day, Ben loves being outside and working with his hands and still loves to  help out on the farm whenever he has the chance.

Check out more of the results of Tom's second shoot with Ben on PAGE 2 HERE:

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