Saturday, June 27, 2020

An Adventurous Soul: Ethan Oliver by HowRoar Imagery

'As you can see, he is capable of being wildly sexy and then taking on an entirely different persona.'

As perfectly on point as 'wildly sexy' is as a descriptive, when it comes to model Ethan Oliver, it may actually be an understatement.   The first image of Ethan that I saw, is the final image featured at the bottom of this piece.  Bill (Howroar Imagery) had entered the shot in the Model Mayhem POTD contest last month. and it wasn't a surprise when the image ended up winning the contest that day.

Bill is not stranger to shooting sexy men.  FH may remember my profile last year featuring his work with Spencer. (Director's Cut) Bill's image always manage to grab my attention and that first shot of Ethan that I saw was powerfully enticing.  I love Ethan's pose and the way Bill framed and captured Chicago based model.. Although Ethan's hand is strategically place, enough is revealed to not only trigger the viewer's imagination, but erotically bolt it to attention.  Ethan is a stunner for sure, but his beautiful body and great head of hair and bangs are just the icing the on the cake.

Of course many models have great bodies, not all of them however, can command a viewers attention the way Ethan so beautifully manages to do within Bill's captures.  For me the power lies within Ethan's beautiful blue eyes.  Bill wisely keeps Ethan's eye a central focus in every one of his shots.  Ethan's eyes are not only incredibly beautiful, they're also incredibly welcoming, inviting the viewer in to enjoy what they're looking at. 

Not all models are so welcoming with their eyes and facial expressions.  Some, while revealing their bodies, at times express a look, almost as if to cause the viewer to feel guilty about enjoying what they're seeing.  Ethan's eyes are focused on the viewer, participating in a back and forth with the viewer.  There's almost an 'I see you, seeing me' feel, which only adds to the images appeal.

In addition to being inviting, Ethan's eyes and face also provide a visual contrast which only increases how wildly sexy he is.  His eyes are both innocent, and wise, with a dash of the boy next door.  But like all boys next doors, they are both sweet, and infused with erotically charged energy.

Bill first mt Ethan through another model he had shot with.  Bill had also seen a shoot Ethan had done with the late great photographer Michael Dar.  Bill could see both Ethan's physical appeal, and his potential to generate dynamic imagery.  Ethan's natural quality, to create diverse and contrasting looks within images, was also something Bill looked to explore.

'Ethan has the ability to morph between young, boyish and innocent to sexy, virile and testosterone filled.'

In addition to capturing a variety different looks and themes, Billy also describes his work with Ethan as a lot of fun.  In addition to taking direction very well, Bill was impressed with his tremendous energy, and says it's always a pleasure shooting a model like Ethan who's so comfortable in his own skin.

'Ethan's also an adventurous soul and was willing to try many different types of shots to create something unique and beautiful. Not only is Ethan a very good model, he’s also an excellent musician and parkour enthusiast. He has a mischievous streak and a twinkle in his eye that is charming. I have no doubt that he could have a modeling career if he pursued it. I hope to shoot with him again some day.'

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