Friday, July 6, 2018

Champions Doable Daddies

Favereau and Holm

I was disappointed to learn last week that NBC cancelled Champions after just 10 episodes. I am a huge fan of Mindy Kaling, especially of her writing, and although the show had three male leads, Kaling's voiced was loud and beautifully clear. Although I 17 year old J.J. Totah (Michael) could be a little strident with his performance, he is incredibly talented and was sure by season two he would hit his stride. I think Champions was the only Network sit-com, other than Will & Grace with a gay lead character.

Champions also provided Michael with two of the hottest, and most talented father figures, dad Vince (Anders Holm) and Vince's brother Matthew. (Andy Favreau) I have featured both Anders and Favreau before, most recently a piece featuring Favreau's beautiful backside in an episode last season on Animal Kingdom. (HERE:)

Both Favreau and Homes (see below) have had nude scenes on screen which had me thinking about how unique it is in 2018 to be able to find co-stars, or co-workers, naked on the web.  Back in the day, Half Pint couldn't look on-line see what Pa Ingles looked like in the buff, Doogie Howser was unable to bing image serach 'Mitchell Anderson naked' and ole Brenda couldn't google the actor playing her brother Brandon to see if he had any frontals out there (There is...)

I am not sure if J.J. quickly did a search, but as a young actor, (gay or straight) being able to pull up, print out and pleasure yourself to images of your hot older co-stars. if J.J. had googled 'Anders Holm naked', he would have gotten an eye full.

Faverau and Totah

Faverau in Animal Kingdom

Anders Holm to me is not only one of televisions most talented actors, he is also one of the hottest. It is difficult to gauge his sex appeal strictly by his images. Holm's is a comedian, and therefore tends to muck it up and put on goofy faces for the camera, but on film is sex appeal if more than evident. Holm was undressed or mostly naked in many scenes on his comedy central series Workaholics. He's also, had a few incredibly hot scenes on film including his morning wood scene in How To Be Single.

Holm in How To Be Single (2016)

Holm in Top Five (2014)

In 2014's Top Five, Anders Holm has his hottest, most hilarious, and painful nude scene. Chelsea (Rosario Dawson) suspects her boyfriend Brad may be gay. It could have to do with him sharing a hotel room, and a shirt, with a male friend. The kicker however, is his constant need to be anally stimulated whenever they're together. When Brad belittles Chelsea one night at dinner, her anger overtakes her when they're later alone. As Brad 'presents' Chelsea decides not to use her finger, but instead uses a tampon, covered with a little hot sauce...

Here a a few seconds of the scene, but you can download the entire scene on Sendspace HERE:

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