Monday, September 25, 2023

Steven Lyon in Campus Man

'All the girls want to take Brett Wilson home. His best friend just wants to take him to the bank.'

Todd Barret (John Dye) is an aspiring businessman. He's got what it takes, but what he doesn't have is enough money to stay in college. So he cooks up a plan to make the first ever all male sports calendar. He eventually convinces Cactus Jack, a very shadowy and tough loan shark, to give him enough money to make the deal. Todd makes enough to pay for his education, but what about the money he owes Cactus Jack?

Although John Dye, (Medium) had the lead in the 1987 comedy Campus Man, it was Steven Lyon who was both the face on the poster, and the face and body of the film.  Although the film was all about making a sexy male calendar, there was almost no nudity in the film.  

Except for a few extras showing their butts in a steamy shower, the only other hint of male nudity was a brief shot of Lyon changing during the calendar shoot.  You can check out the scene, and the calendar shoot in the clip below.

Although I'd heard of this film, I never actually watch it until preparing this piece.  John Dye was cute and likable, reminding me a bit of a young John Cusack.  Lyon was beautiful to watch, and more than matched when acting in his scenes with Dye.  Also in the cast were soap star Kim Delany, Kathleen Wilhoite and Morgan Fairchild.  The studly Miles O'Keeffe, (Tarzan the Ape Man) also had a small role, but it wasn't really more than a cameo.

As stated, Lyon's character Brett was a diver, and there were plenty of shots of the actor in speedos, on the diving board, getting out of the pool, and in the locker room. 

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