Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Constant Craven: #1 Jsu Garcia in Nightmare On Elm Street

Jsu Garcia (credited as Nick Corri)
Rod Lane in Nightmare on Elm Street (1984)
Craven Connection: Writer & Director

Although Depp's stomach baring crop top got a lot of attention, it was actor Jus Garcia that caught my eye when recently re-viewing the original Nightmare on Elm Street. In the first quarter of the movie, Garcia has a bloody tighty whitie scene getting tossed across the room in the films first big kill scene.

Jsu with Depp, Amanda Wyss, Heather Langenkamp and Wes Craven

Nightmare on Elm Street was Garcia's first big role on the big screen and began a long string of movie and television roles which continue today. Garcia appeared on film in movies which include; Wildcats, Slaves of New York, We Were Soldiers, Along Came Polly and 1994's New Nightmare. On television, Jsu was scene on Miami Vice, Murder She Wrote, Murder One, JAG and as Jo's husband on The Facts Of Life.

Jus in Miami Vice (1986)

Jsu with Anthony Edwards in Gotcha (1985)

Recent head shot

Jsu with Wesley Snipes in Wildcats (1985)

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