Sunday, March 19, 2017

Wrong Side of the Tracks

I have now traveled with Rachel (Emily Blunt) three times on that train. First, in Paula Hawkins novel, then last fall in the theatre. Last week, I joined The Girl on the Train for a third time on TV on demand. I liked the book, but admit I did struggle to finish it. I enjoy the theatre viewing, but not as much as watching last week. Character dramas, especially thrillers, are my favorite film genre but it took a second look to truly appreciate how well each character was both written, and portrayed.

Evans and Emily Blunt

Give a take a scene or two when you're (intentionally) trying to tell Anna and Megan apart, each of three female leads are unique and interesting women, all worthy of a story worth following. Equally well written are the three male supporting characters, all played by incredibly talented, and incredibly hot actors. the only real nudity is some quick and distant skin from Luke Evans, but Evans is a standout none the less.

If I were playing Marry/Kill/Sex, Evans would be sex for sure, but Theroux and Ramírez would not be far behind. Here, with some of my favorite nude scenes from each, are the men, not on, but viewed from the train.

Justin Theroux

Justin flip flopping on Six Feet Under

Justin The Leftovers

Luke Evans

Luke in The Great Train Robbery (2012)

Édgar Ramírez

Édgar in Carlos (2010)

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