Monday, March 3, 2014

Favorite Face Of The Day: Juan Pablo Di Pace

Although I tuned into the premiere of Dallas to catch Josh Henderson in his boxer briefs it was this new face in the opening credits that kept me past the opening scene...

Argentine actor, singer and model Juan Pablo Di Pace certainly has a face, and body, that has you stop and take notice. Although his appearance on Dallas didn't exactly have me forget the shows lack of ability to put together a decent story or scene, the eye candy did have me quite not so annoyed about it.

Some of you might remember Juan Pablo from his many television and movie roles including 2008's Mamma Mia. Juan Pablo first came to my attention based on a headline, one that I think might grab your attention as well... ‘Opera shrank my wang!’

Juan Pablo in the Spanish television series Física o Química

Juan Pablo skinning dipping in Survival Island

Juan Pablo on stage in the Royal Opera's production of the opera Rigoletto

That Opera Juan Pablo referenced was Rigoletto. The wang in question is shown here from the Opera's official promotional photo, (above) and an actual image from the scene (below). I think Juan Pablo had a point and a wee bit of photoshop shrinkage might be in play. You can see, and listen to the beautiful score, for yourself in the video below. To cast your own opinion on the whether digital desizing did occur, the scene is about at the eight minute mark.

Rigoletto-RoyalOperaHouse by berendboerke

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Anonymous said...

It's micro in the pic and it's tiny in the video. Either way he ain't working with much. Not that there's anything wrong with that. I applaud him for being courageous enough to get on stage and do that.