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Bikesexual: A person who only has sex with people who ride bikes. Alternately, a person who is turned on by bikes and bike culture, specifically in a sexual way.

The Celebrity Olympics: Part III

When I started my series spotlighting Battle Of The Network Stars earlier this year, I don't think I knew what I was in for.  I also don't think I realized how many editions of the ABC celebrity reality series there were.  I'm up to the third edition, but there are so many more to go!

San Pedro Beach Bums (1977)

In addition to finding many new images of retro hunks in speedos, I've also been introduced to a few television hunks I'd never heard of before.  For the third Battle, I was introduced an actor I had to find a little more about.  The hottie hanging onto the rope for dear life is actor Chris DeRose.  During the time of the third Battle in 1977, DeRose was co-starring in the short-lived ABC comedy series The San Pedro Beach Bums.

I'd not heard of DeRose or the show before, but I did a little research while putting together this piece.  DeRose began working professionally on television in the late 70's and in addition to the sit-com appeared on episodes of Baretta, General Hospital, The Rockford Files, Cagney & Lacey and CHiPs. DeRose continued to work off an on through the early 2010's with one of his last television roles being on a 2007 episode of CSI. 

DeRose's main passion however is animal rights. DeRose is the founder and president of Last Chance for Animals (LCA) and the author of the book In Your Face: From Actor to Animal Activist. DeRose has been arrested 12 times and jailed four times for opposing animal cruelty, including his participation in a break-in at the UCLA Brain Research Institute in 1988.   DeRose was actually fired from his role on General Hospital after being sentenced to jail for the break-in.

DeRose received the 1997 Courage of Conscience International Peace Award for his commitment to saving animals and exposing animal abuse in entertainment, medical research and food production. In 2006, he became the Director of Animal Welfare for West Hollywood, California.  DeRose also appeared in the 2006 HBO documentary Dealing Dogs, about the  butchering of dogs for food.

In addition to DeRose, there were dozens of other celebrities in the third Battle of the Network Stars which aired in November of 1977.  Check out the highlights on the NEXT PAGE HERE:

Brisingr's Abode: Kince by Studio1x

'Never try to outstubborn a cat.'
 Robert A. Heinlein

Anyone whose had a cat knows that they believe, with every piece of fur on their body, that they're in charge.  Even if you didn't want a boss at home, you have one.  With this boss however, the cuddles are welcome, without the need to notify HR.

Whenever there's a cat in proximity to a shoot, they're going to find a way into the shots.  It doesn't matter if you close the doors, or put them in another room, they'll find a way in.  Their patient, they'll wait for you have to go to the bathroom, or open the door to get something, then voilĂ , there in the room, rubbing against your legs and stubbornly insisting on being in every shot.

It's especially difficult if your shooting in the cat's home.  There territorial senses take over when pushed to the side, making them even more determined to be exactly where they shouldn't be.  It's why so many of us appreciate their stubbornness and fierce independence.

I was first introduced to Kince when Jim from Studio1x shot a Thanksgiving strip poker party for FH back in 2021. (HERE:)  Since then, I've been fortunate to have been able to feature several of the other shoots he and Jim created together.  Most of the shoots I've spotlighted thus far have been studio shoots, but for this series, things got a little more up close and personal.

Although he's since moved, this shoot took place at the Seattle apartment where Kince was living at the time.  I really love it when photographers shoot in a model's home.  There's not only extra layers of intimacy, there are also additional elements of the model's life and personality included in every shot.  It's not just their space we take in visually, but the emotional component of being shot in the place their most comfortable and at home.

There's also of course their pets, and in this case it's Kince's eight year old Bengal cat Brisingr.  I love Kince's choice of the name Brisingr which comes from the Old Norse word meaning fire.  My last cat was named Ophelia, but basically ignored me whenever I called her.  Unless I was shaking a bag of cat treats, she really only really acknowledged me when I called her Kitty.  

As you can see, this little ball of fire joined in whenever she had the opportunity.  Regardless of what Jim and Kince had planned, this was Brisingr's shoot, with everyone else, merely supporting players and assistants.  It worked out though, as some of my favorite shots included Brisingr walking into frame.  Since Jim's move, he and Kince haven't been able to shoot again, but Kince generously shared some of his memories of their time shooting together.

Favorite theme Jim asked you to shoot?
Jim and I have always had more of a collaborative approach when it comes to shoots, so it's never been a hard sell to do anything. I guess a better way of answering this would be to say my favorite session was when we did milk and honey in the same day. Milk was his idea; honey was mine. 

Any you didn't enjoy? 
I've never not enjoyed a shoot with Jim. The closest thing to disappointment would be that sometimes my no-frontal clause can limit what I can shoot with other models. I also wish we had more opportunities to shoot when my hair grew out; I love creating a varied body of work with each photographer I work with. 

Do you have a favorite shoot of Jim's, other than your own?
Jim did a series of remote photo sessions with models during the pandemic where he shot his phone live streaming them. I really wish I had managed to get in with one of those sessions. 

If Jim was still shooting, #1 concept you'd like to shoot? 
Given the success of our other concepts I'd love to explore something similarly sensual, probably involving some form of liquid in some capacity. Maybe an antique tub filled with cornstarch water or something of a similar nature.

Now that we've spent time with Kince and Brisingr in the living room, it's time to head to the bathroom an the bedroom.  Check out more on the NEXT PAGE HERE: