Saturday, November 22, 2008

Favorite Stage Hunk of the Day: Brandon Ruckdashel

If you have not heard of Brandon Ruckdashel, it is just a matter of time. Brandon may be known to some of you for his role on 'The Lair' or his beautiful and haunting performance in writer and director Maria Beatty's 'Boy In A Bathtub', but he has an impressive list of theatre credits as well.

Brandon grew up in the middle of Minnesota, but moved to Utah when in middle school. In his freshman year, he discovered drama class and for the first time he felt liked he really fit in with a group of people.

Brandon continued acting and playing sports until his acting teacher suggested he spend the summer at the North Carolina School of the Arts. He went onto East Carolina University, and after many productions working behind the scenes and on the main stage, Brandon left for New York. After a few productions in New York, including 'Ascension' (see below) Brandon headed to LA where he is currently living and working. The opportunities are starting to role in and with Brandon's talent it is impossible to imagine he will not become one of Hollywood's biggest stars. Brandon has an absolutely AMAZING web site full of info, tons and tons of pics and information. Be sure to stop by and spend some time, if your like me, when you leave you will be a huge fan of this talented, not to mention hot young talent. You can find his site HERE:

Yes Brandon has a smokin body, but the above pic is my favorite. Those eyes!

Below: Brandon as Riley in the horror TV series, "The Lair."

Below: Stills from Brandon's performance in the 2006 Off-Broadway production of Ascension. Brandon earned great reviews for his role as Lorenzo, an attractive, charismatic and dangerous dark angel who seduces a Catholic priest. Check out the Ascension Myspace Page HERE:

Some info about Brandon's early life from MostBeautifulMan.Com.


bobkrakehl said...

Thanks so much for the great article and pictures. Brandon is a friend of mine and not only are his acting talents amazing, he is the most genuine, caring and down to earth person I have ever met. He has so many amazing photos he needs his own coffee table photo book. He truly is as beautiful on the inside as he is on the outside.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the post, there is not enough of him on the net, Beautiful pictures!