Sunday, January 25, 2009

TV Hunk of the Day: Tim Daly

I have fallen in love again with Tim Daly. During the 90's I drolled over Tim while he was on 'Wings'. Yes Brian was the more fun loving brother and Tim's Joe was more uptight, but Tim was to me, the one that interested me. Anyone else enjoy those corduroy pants, that Joe liked to wear. Tim did a great job making Joe the brother most loved, even with all his hangups.

Tim has been a fixture on television since the early 80's. He guested on many of the top shows of the time until landing 'Wings' in 1990. 'Wings' gave Tim the opportunity to branch into the movies, but his main success has been on TV. Tim had a string of cancelled shows in the 90's, from The Fugitive, Eyes and The Nine. All great shows which never got the chance to build an audience. Currently Tim is starring on ABC's 'Private Practice'. I watched the pilot of PP, and it did little to draw me in, but I have been reading it is getting better so might have to give it another try.

I say I fell in love again as a few weeks ago Tim was on 'The View' and listening him talk about his son brought tears to my eyes. Such a special guy, and though he may not have the awards on his shelf that his big sis does, he certainly has earned a huge fan base and is one of tv's most popular actors. You can find a great Tim site HERE:

Tim in 'Wings' (1990-1997).

Tim in 'Dr. Jekyll and Ms. Hyde' (1995).

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