Monday, April 20, 2009

FH Blog Vote!!!

Ok Blog readers, let me start by saying I am sorry it took so long to post these results! I made the post below many late last year on a new blog I was going to start when my space ran out here. When I decided to remain here, I never went to the new blog to post this info here.

The results below are from a poll I ran last fall. The answers for this poll come form the November 2007-November 2008. It was odd reading the answers as already, so many of mine have changed. Some favorites I have are forever, some tend to change based on other factors. I am sure some of yours might have changed as well.

I always like to only post on subjects I like and men I enjoy and respect. I would not bother posting and researching things I do not love. That being said, it is obvious that I like some more than others, and you can see this by the amount of posts a man or subject might get, but ultimately I do like all that I post about.

That beings said, here are the results of the Blog Poll for the 2008 year. As promised I included my favorites as well!


1. . Favorite All Time Playgirl Models:

Blog Readers Chose:

3. Doug Koziak
2. Dan Jacobs
1. Brian Buzzini

My top 3:

3. Michael McGuire
2. Joey Newton
1. Brian Buzzini

The top for both myself and blog readers, Brian Buzzini

2. Favorite Soap Hunks Past or Present:

Blog Readers Top 3:

3. Roger Howarth
2. Joshua Morrow
1. Austin Peck

My Top 3:

3. Matt Crane
2. Jensen Ackles
1. Thad Luckinbill

3. Favorite Imports:

Blog Readers top 3

3. Men From Stade
2. Thierry Pepin
1. Jonathan Rhys Myers

My top 3:

3.Jocelyn Quivrin
2.Guillaume Canet
1.Edouard Collin

4. Favorite Male Model:

Blog Readers Chose:

3. Joseph Sayers

2. Benjamin Godfre

1. Bryan Thomas

My favorites Are:

3.Niko Zolan
2.Joey Kirchner
1.Parker Gregory




5. Favorite Stage Actor:

Blog Readers Chose:

3. Patrick Wilson
2. Nick Adams
1. Cheyenne Jackson

My Favorite Stage Actors:

3.James Synder
2.Matt Cavenaugh
1.Brandon Ruckdashel

Below: One of my all time favorite guys Brandon Ruckdashel

6. Favorite Reality Hunk:

Blog Readers chose:

3. Danny Roberts
2. Reichen Lehmkuhl

1. JP Calderon

My Three favorite Reality Hunks:

3. Will Kirby
2. Reichen Lehmkuhl
1. Tony Perez (JD season 1).

7. Favorite All Time Tv Star (Male and Female)

Blog Readers Chose:

3. Jon Erik Hexum
2. Christopher Knight
1. Chace Crawaford

3. Bea Arthur
2. Mary Tyler Moore
1. Lynda Carter

My Favorite All Time Tv Stars, Male and Female

3. Jimmy Smits
2. Justin Chambers
1. Ray Romano


3. Bea Arthur
2.Tyne Daly
1. Lauren Graham

8. Favorite Current Television Show:

Blog Readers Chose:

3. Stargate Atlantis
2. Weeds
1. Gossip Girl

My Three current top Tv Shows:

3. Grey’s Anatomy
2. Dexter
1. American Idol

9. Favorite Classic Television Show:

Blog Readers Chose:

3. Melrose Place
2. Lost In Space
3. Mary Tyler Moore Show

My Favorite Classic Tv Shows:

3. Dallas
2. Friends
1. Everybody Loves Raymond.

10. Favorite Parts of Favorite Hunks Blog:

From Readers
3. Blast From the Past
2. Birthdays
1. Pic of the Day

Below is the Pic of the Day I have gotten the most email about. I wish I knew the name of the guy to share, but I just know it is a wonderful picture.

My favorite part of the blog is getting feedback on what posts people are liking. I also enjoy when I feel like writing longer comments on subjects that interest me. I also really love giving actors, models and photographers not always covered by other sites and blogs a bit of attention. Although I do post on some big names, I also love to showcase lesser known artists, and men from around the globe. I also LOVE Blast from the past as this blog is not just for the latest hot hunk, but for the men, tv shows, movies and things I have enjoyed over the years.

11. All Time Favorite Fantasy Hunk:

Blog Readers Top 3 were:

3. Antonio Sabato Jr.
2. Lars Stephan
1. Jake Gyllenhall

My Top Fantasy Hunks were:

3. Orlando Bloom
2. Parker Gregory
1. Dave August

12. Blast From the Past:

Blog Readers top 3 were

3. John Schneider
2. Richard Dean Anderson
1. Christopher Atkins

My top 3 Were:

3. Gregory Harrison
2. John Allen Nelson
1. Christopher Atkins

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Thanks for all these amazing lists. What a treat to read! Got me thinking about who I like.
BRAVO on an awesome blog!!!