Monday, April 19, 2010

Derek Allen Watson by Michael McCloud

If your a regular reader of FH you know I have featured model and actor Derek Allen Watson many times before. I love posting Derek's work for a couple of reasons. Firstly he is one of the sweetest guys out there. Secondly and most importantly, he is one of the most creative guys out there.

Derek's work is never boring. Derek has one of the most expressive faces I have seen, and his shots are always full of a multitude of emotions.

This shoot by model and photographer Michael McCloud does not disappoint. I was curious to know the inspiration for the shoot. The inspirations could be a clown, the rock giant Kiss with a dash of David Bowie.

Make-up artist Sheena Zargari says ''The idea for the makeup came when I was told the concept behind the shoot was going to be futuristic and the ensemble consisted of black, white, and grey. I wanted something that really stood out in the photos, and being that it was a male shoot I could only do so much. It is kind of a cross between Lady Gaga and KISS!''

The results are beautiful and haunting. Derek's work, unlike Derek himself, often has a haunting, lonely feel to it. Photographer Michael McCloud calls this series, styled was Benjamin Neher, The "Coming Out". Michael McCloud says:

"I live the life I love, and I love the life I live. I have so many dreams, so many aspirations, and I will accomplish every last one of them."

Michael has a wonderful blog I just spent the last while at and he says he created it "to show you my perception of life. See what I do, and why I do it." Michael uses his skill and lighting to create a sense of 'past' with a muted feeling that, when looking at his work had me feeling the way I do when I am looking back nostalgically at some significant time in my past. In the case of Michael's work they are not memories of the past, but instead something far more interesting,these memories seem of the present.

You can check out more at Michael's blog HERE:


Anonymous said...

Great stuff, second shot is my favorite

The Kissters said...

I have worked with Derek before and he is AMAZING. He's hilarious and sweet and obviously a kick ass model. He is one to watch out for!

-Claudia Kiss

Anonymous said...

gorgeous boy.

Unknown said...

Derek is one of the best people I've ever met.He has a great talent. He will make it big I have mo doubt.