Monday, October 25, 2010

Samuel Boux by Matt Kulisch

Samuel Boux by Matt Kulisch (October 2010)

Matt's work with Samuel parallels the feelings I get when listening to Sam's music, beautiful, soothing, peaceful and ethereal.

'Matt is a lyrical artist who has also a passion for photography, he keeps his photos real and simple, one of my favorite so far.'
Samuel Boux

'Working with Sam is a gratifying experience for a photographer! He brings the precision & attention that comes with career-mindedness, and also an inadvertent lucidity that invites art. In the end, when everything comes together, working with Sam just doesn't feel like work: it's fun & interesting, opening & natural, good & good & good.'

'I am interested in the articulation--through image--of Desire and Distance. As Sontag says, "all activities that...can be conducted from a distance, and with some detachment." I think art, especially photography, necessarily requires that distance.'
Matt Kulisch

Check out more of Matt's work HERE: & HERE:

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