Friday, June 17, 2011

Memorable: Brandon Connelly By T-W-D photos

Doing daily (well almost daily...) features for FH, I am always looking for new topics, new subjects and new artists and models. I am not content to just post good shots or good looking models. The word favorite was put on this blog with thought and intent. I wanted the work, the subjects, to be ones that I really loved, I really respected and found to be memorable.

Since most of my features spotlight photographers and models I am often on Model Mayhem doing research. A couple of weeks ago I was researching a profile when I flipped quickly by model Brandon Connelly avatar. Memorable he was, but given I was on a time line for posting, I made a mental note to go back later and check out more of his work. As usual. finding where I saw Brandon's shot did not prove to be easy. After several attempts at retracing my steps, I found myself back to the page where I first saw the shot.

Readers of FH know I love redheads. (Seeing Red) Maybe partly because there was a time it was rare to see them in many portfolios and campaigns. I love Brandon's look, a great body and a face able to express both sexy and soulful. Brandon is new to modeling but has a natural ease and look in front of the camera.

Brandon has just begun modeling, but having only recently turned 20 has not yet committed to a career. He sees his focus possibly leading towards a career as a personal trainer or studying to become a fire fighter. His modeling ambitions are not fame and stardom (although that would be ok), Rob's goals are more personal and insightful. Never thrilled with having his pictures being taken, Brandon looks to his work as a model to build confidence, feel more photogenic and become more open and comfortable with himself and others.

Some of my favorite photos of Brandon come from Travers Dow from T-W-D photos. Travers captures Brandon's innate masculinity masterfully. Whether it be in a t-shirt, sweater with fashion shots or wearing nothing but a hat or the American Flag, Brandon proves he is winning his battle with confidence as he looks completely comfortable in front of Travers lens.

Travers Dow's field of study was design illustration. Although aspects of the visual artist were incorporated into his learning, Travers says his photography skills were self talk with no formal photography classes or training. Traver's skills come from hard work, determination and as much on the job experience as he can find.

'I have been doing photo shoots for about 2 years now and somehow have managed 123shoots or so - More than 1 per week and on no budget to speak of!'

Being new to the business, it is important to to get his name out there. Travers has become involved with the local Seattle Fashion community where he has found some great models to shoot and gain experience with.

Studio work is currently a big focus for Travers and says Rob really helped him out with light setups and what style of lighting works best for fashion work and what works for figure work.

'Brandon is a great model - polite and well spoken. I can't believe how young he is with such a fine figure. He is one of the first red-head men I have photographed! True story - a true Irishman - I was at first taken back by his light eyelashes - something which is pretty rare to see. He reads fantastic on camera - and I am looking forward to seeing how he improves and what kinds of images we will create.'

'Travers was awesome to work with and a really amazing photographer. He has a really good way of letting his models know what he wants in a shoot has a very creative mind that makes you feel very comfortable,like your at home or your his best friend. He also really cares about the models he works with. It was a pleasure working with him and meeting him. I really look forward to working with him again.'

You can check out more of Travers work including more of his work with Brandon:
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& on Twd-photos website & blog HERE:

Check out more of Brandon's work on Model Mayhem HERE:


Kelsey said...

memorable indeed, thanks!

Christopher Singleton said...

Most memorable!

Anonymous said...

wow Brandon has a stunning physique. He will become a super model very soon! Keep going, Brandon.

Andrea said...

wonderful model! thanks

Anonymous said...

great model!!

Anonymous said...

Sensational! LOVE those fair-skinned boys especially with the "contradiction" of looking like a creamy-skinned cherub with just the right amount of fire and wickedness!! THANK YOU THANK YOU for sharing!!

MaLisa Tressler said...

Your a natural Brandon! Your look is amazing! Definitley super model material. I can not wait to see more in the future. Best of luck and I'm a fan 100%.

JiEL said...

SUPERB ginger man.

I heard that their skin is very soft and have a sweet taste...


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