Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Shooting Adam Rexx

'I met Albert Lopez at his studio in Los Angeles. Our shoot was the longest to date (for me at least.) The shoot started at about 6PM and lasted until about 1AM. Albert Lopez is a young up-and-coming fashion photographer and clothing designer, and he is amazing to work with!'

Two shots above by Albert Lopez.

Many of you no doubt have seen and heard of model Adam Rexx. Adam says that he is an artist at heart and strives to have his shoots be both creative and artistic. Rexx describes his style as bold, erotic and sensual with a touch of GQ. With these styles in mind, Adam chose the perfect group of photographers to work with, all of whom are known for pushing the envelope within their work.

Adam is certainly a natural in front of the camera. Combining a overt sexuality mixed with a classic face Adam's expressions often become the focus of many shots. The last few months have been busy ones for Adam, working on many new shoots with several photographers to build a strong and memorable portfolio. Adam shares with FH his thoughts on some of his recent work and the talented artists behind the lens.

Three shots below from Ninon Nguyen.

'Ninon Nguyen has this special chemistry with his camera. So everything he shoots turns into an amazing piece of art. He really is incredible and very down to Earth. He is a lot of fun to work with! Ninon and I will be working together again towards the end of July. We shot together last week for the third time.'

Next three shots from Santiago Lucciano Bisso.

Three shots below by Ed Olsen.

'I love working with Ed Olen! He is one of my favorite local photographers. Ed and I will be shooting again this coming Thursday.'

2 shots below by Michael Stokes. I love's Michael's work, so strong, so sexual, so unapologetic. Check out my previous profile featuring Michael's work HERE:

'I can't say enough about Michael Stokes. His work is flawless! Each shot is like a work of art. He is very detailed and precise when executing his vision!'

Look for Adam's official site coming soon!
In the meantime check him out on Model Mayhem and join him on Facebook HERE:

'Write inappropriate comments, post on my wall while you're lying in bed at night, tell me your dirty thoughts, ask me questions that are way too personal! I want to keep in touch with you! I want to hear from you and give you everything you've ever wanted in an internet-boyfriend!'
Adam Rexx


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