Friday, September 9, 2011

Scott Barnes: This is Your One Chance!

'This is Your One Chance'
By Scott Barnes

Despite today's theme is 'stories' this story is told with very little words. When someone gives you just one chance it usually means something is pretty much over already. You most likely have fucked up many times already and and something pretty powerful has come to an end. This stage in a relationship is usually filled with a lot of pain, sadness and a degree of desperation. Desperation can be painful to watch, let alone go through but it also can be filled with moments of intense passion and pleasure.

This intensity is what photographer Scott Barnes captures so well in this series of images featuring Jessie Colter and Rayhan Aranda. Pleasure within pain is something some people just naturally know how to tap into and others spend years trying to figure out.

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Jessie Colter

Rayhan Aranda

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