Friday, December 9, 2011

The Dancer Stretches by Scott Barnes

The Dancer Stretches:
Tim by Scott Barnes

I love to post images of dancers. Every time I do I talk about how they make the best models due to how well they know their bodies and how well they are able to use them within their work. I think it is more than though. When I see a model in an image, no matter how great the shot, they remain a model. When I see a shot of a dancer, I instantly connect to a part of who they are that is not always present with other models.

Being a dancer takes a type of strength, a dedication, that goes beyond what most of us, even other athletes, commit to. It means a degree of pain, both mental and physical that most models are not accustomed to pushing themselves to or through. It means hours of practice, much of it alone, early mornings, auditions and for most, far too many rejections. It is a short career, if one at all, not usually financially rewarding. For male dancers it also means at some point during their youth, they must make a decision to pursue something almost everyone around them does not support.

I am a huge fan of the work of Scott Barnes and have featured his images often. I think The Dancer Stretches is my favorite of his works. The editorial series, showcased in his Dreams section of his site Vir Impudicus. The shoot embodies so much of what I love about photography. Without words, a story is told. It is beautifully quiet, erotic with an emotional impact.

'After shooting Tim, for a while I didn't want to work with any guy that WASN'T a dancer. They just move to naturally and smoothly and beautifully. A dancer and a photographer is a perfect combination.'
Scott Barnes

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