Sunday, January 1, 2012

Just Because: For Close to 3 Decades

I have been crushing over Eric Close since I was in high school and first saw him as part of the Walker clan on Santa Barbara. When I recently saw him as Jessica Lange's ill fated (everyone around Constance is doomed) husband Hugo on American Horror Story my crush was reignited.

Santa Barbara (1992)

Close is one of those quiet actors, does not get a huge amount of press, seems respected by his peers, a family man who although has not really had that huge showy and attention seeking part, has worked consistently since he first broke into the business. Close has also racked up a huge fan base and producers know they will follow him in what ever project he chooses to appear in.

McKenna (1994)

More Eric on FH HERE: & HERE:

Now & Again (1999/2000)

American Horror Story (2011)


Bobby F said...

I fell in love with him on McKenna. I wish the short-lived show had lasted longer.

Scot said...

I'm starting to wonder if I'm the only person who saw the SIFI mini-series TAKEN! Eric Close was in that also. As well as somer other sexy guys, Joel Gretsch, Adam Kaufman, Steve Burton (yes, that Steve Burton!), Justin Chatwin, to name a few. Plus a very young Anton Yelchin and Dakota Fanning!
If you like REALLY GOOD science fiction and any of those guys listed above I highly recomend you find a copy of this mini-series! This is an extremely good show/movie.

Anonymous said...

I loved him on Now and Again. He is so adorable. The just doesn't age.