Sunday, March 11, 2012

Brett Gleason: Destruction

Above: Single cover for 'Destruction' by Brett Lindell

It's not likely you will ever hear Brett Gleason's music while standing in an elevator...and that's a good think. Brett doesn't make background music, his songs are loud, provocative and make force you to pay attention. His new single Destruction was released this week and I think it might be my favorite of the songs I have listened to off his upcoming release The Thawing.

Below: Brett by Nephi Niven

'Building on my philosophy that a song can be both bruising and vulnerable, abrasive yet beautiful, these new songs draw more from my classical piano background while still inhabiting lush, electronic soundscapes both haunting and hypnotic.'
Brett Gleason

Destruction, available now on iTunes is the first single from Brett's upcoming sophomore EP, The Thawing- now streaming on BandCamp where pre-orders are being taken for the 3-20 release.

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