Saturday, March 3, 2012

Moment Of Rebellion: Kunal by rSEANd PHOTOGRAPHY

Time flies! I cannot believe it has been over two years since I have featured the work of Sean Dibble from rSEANd PHOTOGRAPHY. In my first profile featuring Sean's work with Luis Perrusquia my focus was on the creativity and imagination Sean incorporates within his work.

Although today it is expected that photographers of the male form will find ways to present there work in new, distinct and exciting ways. But it was not that long ago when most portfolio's on ModelMayhem consisted of naked men simply standing or sitting in front of a usually black sheet. Viewers of artistic and erotic imagery of men have now come to expect more. With the onset of sites like Model Mayhem, more and more artists are now able to share their work and the need for artists to stand apart and present their work in a unique way is all the more crucial to having their work noticed.

Sean Dibble was never content with that simple background and basic way of shooting, having a model simply naked was not enough. Sean was always at the forefront, pushing creative boundaries with images that beautifully straddled that invisible yet clear erotic line.

I would love to be a fly on the wall during one of Sean's shoots. He has a way of bringing out the bold, the fierce, the ferocious in the men he shoots. I have viewed many shots of the men Sean has worked with and no one brings out the primal emotions that he achieves in quite the same way.

When I contacted Sean last month about featuring more of his work I wanted to focus on a shoot, a model that has yet to make a lot of appearance on other sites and blogs. I narrowed my choices down to two but it was Kunal, especially his piercing eyes that grabbed my attention.

'I met Kunal in 2008 at a mall where he worked in the convenience store. I was friendly with one of the other workers and she was aware that I was a photographer and kept suggesting Kunal. I recognized that he was a very handsome guy, but he is exceptionally shy so I didn't follow up because I didn't think he would be interested. Well she kept pushing me and spoke to him about my work and it turns out that he had always wanted to have his photos done so we set up a shoot. The funny thing about that day is I had no idea his body was so muscular because he dresses so conservatively. When he took off his shirt, I actually said "where did all that come from?"

'Kunal is very easy to work with, undeniably beautiful and one of my most popular models. He is the one that people request new photos from the most, but our shoot was his first and last. He is from an ultra conservative Indian background and I think that shoot was his moment of rebellion. He loved the photos and I've run into him since then and he remains that incredibly shy and exceptionally friendly guy.'

Thanks to Sean for sharing his work with FH & thanks to Kunal for sharing his moment of rebellion!

Check out much more of Sean's work on MM, his official site and his great blog HERE:

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