Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Red-Handed: Jesse Hutch in Once Upon A Time

'The better to eat you with'.
The Brothers Grimm

Fairy Tales are all the rage on television and on film these days but I had yet to run into the forest until this past Sunday's episode, Red-Handed of Once Upon A Time. I enjoyed the shows pilot, then watched sporadically until this week. This weeks episode, which delved into Red Ridinghood's back story was my favorite outing of the series thus far.

Sadly, the show repeated again it's pattern of killing off (usually savagely) it's hottest of hunks! I was instantly taken with Peter, actor Jesse Hutch who paid dearly for loving, and trusting in Red.

The Canadian born Hutch looked familiar, but I could not quite place him until I hit IMDB. There I saw his credits, and like most young Canadian actors, Hutch spent a fair amount of time on US shows filmed in Canada Kyle XY, Smallville and The 4400) and many horror flicks (Freddy & Jason) which for financial reasons, often get shot north of the border.

Jesse Hutch: One To Watch!

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coffeeboy said...

Totally agree that this is the best episode of the series by far. The revelation of who the wolf was was both unique and heartbreaking. This is how the show should proceed from now on. As always Ty, you and I seem to be brain twins. :)