Sunday, April 1, 2012

Couch Surfing: Chris by JR Williams

I first profiled photographer JR Williams from Island Male Graphics last December. (John Creighton by JR Williams) JR creates memorable images with all of his models, but his work with Chris has generated some of my favorite images of JR's. There is a magic in the chemistry between artist and model which is evident not just in this series, but all of their work together.

Positively striking, Chris has an amazing body and face with transcendent brown eyes. The 20 year old model is Italian, French, Russian, German, Hawaiian, Samoan, Puerto Rican, Greek, and Japanese. Chris, from Kaneohe, Hawaii, is a student as well as dancer and model. Chris enjoys working out and competing in fitness competitions. Chris hopes to eventually combine his talents into working in music videos and film and definitely has the talent and the looks to succeed at both.

You can see more of JR's work with Chris at Island Male Graphics: and as well view prints of Chris and other models, available for purchase or download HERE:

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