Sunday, April 1, 2012

Afternoon Snack

I am not sure even Marco Dapper can bring viewers to The Young & The Restless, but got to love em for trying. Except when home with the flu or when I can't find the remote Y&R is never on and has become one pretty bad hour of television. Sad with classic shows being given the boot, the number #1 daytime drama is the most poorly put together. Even my love for Beth Maitland can't bring me two watch her far to seldom appearances.

But... Curious to see what they do with Marco. One of the hottest and most appealing actors out there, it has been surprising he has not risen quicker in the industry. Sadly, the shows pattern is to waste great talent and put it's energy into promoting the bad and the lame. This show has made 'stars' out of actors most respectable shows would not touch so with an actor with so much potential only time will tell if they are smart enough to take advantage of it.

Marco's memorable turn in EO2


Bobby F said...

In the director/cast commentary on the dvd, it was revealed that Marco's pubes in EATING OUT 2 were faked because he is a fellow bodyshaver. :-)

DavidAsset said...

WOW! From head to toe, dick to ass, he's gorgeous!

Brent said...

I get a boner for the guy all naked...nice buttocks.