Friday, May 11, 2012

Fetching: Garrett Hedlund in Georgia Rule

Adjective: Attractive.
Synonyms: charming - attractive - engaging - alluring - winsome

Fetching is one of those old fashioned words not used nearly enough. Replacement words like 'hot' are far too generic and although descriptive don't really provide much texture, feel or character to what is being described.

Fetching is exactly the word that came to mind as I enjoyed Garrett Hedlund's turn as Harlen in Georgia Rule (2007). I have avoided watching the five year old movie due to my distaste for anything related to Lindsay Lohan. Although talented, I find nothing about her in anyway appealing. A couple of weeks ago, as flicking through the hundreds of channels on my television, I came upon an early scene with Garrett finding Lohan's character asleep on the side of the road. I have enjoyed Hedlund in many roles, and like many, have been captivated with him since his turn Four Brothers. (2005).

I love family drama's (Ordinary People being the preeminent)so decided to give it a shot. Lohan's inclusion aside I really quite liked the movie. Although the movie was an obvious showcase for the talents of it's three female leads, it was the men (Hedlund, Cary Elwes and Dermot Mulroney) whose characters were really the most interesting. Jane Fonda was great, but was so clearly vying for an Oscar nomination, that it cut into my enjoyment of her performance. Garrett was fetching in every one of his scenes and I especially loved the long hair. Such a departure from his other roles. If like me, you have avoided this flick, Hedlund is worth giving it a look.

Four Brothers (2007)

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