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The Brothers LaPaglia

Above: Jonathan (l) and Anthony (R)

To be honest I The LaPaglia Brothers were never really on my radar. Of course I was aware who Anthony was, seeing his name and picture, mostly associated with the television show Without A Trace, which unfortunately I really never watched. Although I know he had a few lead roles in the movies, my vague memories of Anthony in the movies are that in character parts in roles in movies such as Betsy's Wedding, Empire Records and The Client.


Last week however, FH contributor Braxnis sent along some caps of Jonathan LaPaglia from the Australian drama The Slap. The name, not to mention the face, told me it had to be Anthony's younger brother but I had not known about the Australian connection. I was narrow minded and had stereotyped The LaPaglia's as New Yorker or from New Jersey, mainly due to all the roles Anthony had paid. In reality, the brothers, along with third brother Michael, all hail from Adelaide, South Australia. Anthony moved to the US mid way through an acting course and almost immediately began getting guest starring roles on television shows in the eighties like Hunter, Trapper John M.D and Magnum P.I. The resemblance between the bothers in really incredible when you compare the shot just above and just below.


From all my research, Anthony only showed a little skin in one of his early movies, the 1992 Vampire flick Innocent Blood. Not a bad flick actually that I found to cap (bad ones I know) but ended up quite enjoying.

Anthony LaPaglia

Anthony in Innocent Blood (1992)

Jonathan LaPaglia

Jonathan actually began his career pursuing medicine and spent three years as an emergency-room physician in Adelaide, Sydney and London. In 1994, wanting more, he followed his older brother to the States and settled in New York where he joined The Circle in the Square Theatre School. Jonathan quickly began picking up guest star roles on The Sopranos, Bones, NCIS, Castle and Brothers & Sisters. His role on The Slap (below) is actually his first Australian production since moving to the US. Being away from home for so long, the actor hired a dialect coach to recover his Australian accent.

Jonathan in The Slap (2011)

Not surprising LaPaglia's backside is the object of obsession!

Thanks to Restituda for the video download!

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