Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Provocateur: Anthony Gee by Murray!

Detroit's Murray! has had two calendars, Studio Men, featuring his images published in 2011 and 2012 by Village Lighthouse under the Provocateur brand. I could think of no better adjective, (and isn't it a great one) than provocateur to describe the work of the Motown photographer. A provocateurs job is to provoke, wet the appetite, excite and of course...stimulate.

As your eyes feast on his many images, the viewer is visually stimulated instantly by the strength of both Murray's images and the models within his focus. Murray! has an incredible way of capturing an intense masculinity in his models, so strong you can almost feel it. The strength he captures comes not just from muscle but from a raw maleness that sadly is far too often edited or photoshopped away from many images of the male form that I see.

Originally from Canada, Murray spent 12 years in Toronto after completing college. building his career in advertising. Working at some of the biggest global agencies: Saatchi & Saatchi, Young & Rubicam and Wunderman. Murray is currently working as Creative Director for one of the big three automotive clients. That however, is just his day job. All of Murray's spare time is devoted to photography, capturing as many incredible looking men as he possibly can! In addition to his two calendars, Murray! is currently featured in Bruno Gmunder's recent release, COCK TALES.

It is hard to find a better example of what I love so much about Murray's images than his work with 27 year old model Anthony Gee. An incredible body and absolutely beautiful face. Anthony is not only impressive in appearance, he also displays a confidence and strength that exudes from every inch of his six foot frame. This strength comes from Anthony's strong passion for modeling and his quest to further improve his career.

'Anthony is one of those incredibly rare models who has an exquisite face, amazing body and is genuinely a wonderful guy. He is obviously very comfortable in his skin and happy to share his hours in the gym with anyone who wants to admire it. We have done three shoots in the last few months, and I look forward to starting an exciting new project with Anthony soon. Stay tuned!'

'What can I say... Have you ever met someone and it feels like you've been friends forever? That's the connection I felt the first time shooting with Murray. He's such a down to earth, easy to work with person. His work speaks for it's self... phenomenal! Shooting with Murray and being apart of his work has reignited my dreams of a successful modeling/acting career. I would recommend him to anyone!'

For some reason, ever since I began putting together this piece, Murray's exclamation point has had me curious. It seem clear to me that it was not just a fluke it ended up there, but instead it was done with much though and intent.

'Growing up, I never liked my name, because I was Murray Grondin Jr. My dad had the same name, and I was always little Murray. Hated that. It always felt boring. When I was 25, I was going to legally change my name, I wanted something exciting, and what is more exciting than using an exclamation point! So I put it there, and it stuck. Now, I love my name.'

Thanks to Murray!, whose name certainly parrallels the excitment within his work, for sharing with FH and sending on these exclusive images below. This set, not previously seen, is from a shoot with Anthony two months ago.


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