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Suntown Photography: Cub Scout


'I think is it a real shame that guys who are naturally hairy, or have hairy legs, feel they have to cover up so as not to get disparaging remarks such as being told they look like a Gorilla or Wooky. I would rather see body hair to tattoos or body piercing any day.'

Born in 1959, Suntown Photography feels lucky enough to have seen some fantastic changes. The Landing on the moon, the building and dismantling of the Berlin Wall, mobile phones and the Internet. For a photographer, one of the biggest changes would the switch from print film to digital which occurred relatively quickly in less than a decade. .

'I remember the first digital camera I bought way back in 2002 was a Canon Powershot A20 with a 3x zoom lens and 2.1 mega pixels images. The owner of the camera shop I use to go to to get my work printed said at the time that digital was no threat because you'd never get the same quality from digital that you can from print. Unfortunate for her business she was soon proven wrong.'


Some changes can be difficult but Dave says he now prefers the flexibility that digital gives you over print. Suntow has always been one of those photographers that takes lots of pictures quickly, then later goes through and finds the ones that he feels show exactly what it was he was trying to capture.

'That could be a particular expression or capturing a model in a particular pose. Occasionally it is a fluke of lighting at a specific moment in time. I also find that the models relax more if they are not having to hold a particular pose or expression for a longish period of time whilst I am making sure the lighting etc is perfect. I am sure there are plenty of photographers out there that regard that a blasphemy and I am sure they pick up on technical errors but it is simply an approach I prefer.'

I am not sure about blasphemy...regardless of the methods, most artists strive to be satisfied with their finished work. The first finished image I saw from Suntown Photography was the pic of the day shot of Peter. Suntown's shot of Peter was sort of like a breath of fresh air, certainly a one of my most favorite nude images that I have seen lately. There is pureness to the image, untainted and natural with touch of retro weaved into the current.

'As can be seen from my photographs I prefer the guys I work with not to shave, wax or trim there body hair. I am sure there are some deep dark physiological reasons for this. First of all blame it on Action Man. All smooth, muscled, hard and no cock. Ever since I think I look at guys who shave and wax in a similar way. The second reason I like working with guys with body hair I a sure goes back to the first guy I had a major crush on at school. He was in my class and he was blond and had the hairiest legs imaginable. He was pure sex on legs.'


'That is not to say I never work with smooth guys. On the contrary I have worked with and continue to work with guys who are smooth, but they are naturally smooth. To my mind there is a definite difference to skin texture and tone between a guy who is naturally smooth and one who shaves or waxes. I remember working with one model; 20 years ago now, who was attending Brookes University in Oxford at the time. He had light brown hair and when you first saw him undressed he looked smooth with the exception of his pubic area and armpits. However in certain light his body seemed to almost shimmer as he was covered in the finest downy hair I have ever seen. If he had shaved or waxed that would never have been seen.'

Sometimes it seems photographers whose goal is to shoot more natural looking men end up with images which may appear amateurish or unplanned. Dave's shots are both natural and professional with intent and a clear eye of what he is looking to capture. Suntown is shooting the hot guy before he goes through the 'agency/fashion' transformation, as he would appear naturally at home before heading to the studio, or like the guy Suntown crushed over in school. Suntown captures a time, not necessarily between youth and adulthood but more than that, a time, for some it's University, for others it can last into your thirties and forties. That time when the pressures from the world have not yet forced you to conform and you still have a degree of freedom and rebellion not yet squashed by the world around you.

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