Sunday, July 15, 2012

Snakes & Ladders: Patrick Galten by Fotorebelxt Photography

'To me photography is a process. It is about self-discovery and how you relate to the world. It is about boundaries and how you continue to explore within the confines and beyond them.'
Fotorebelxt Photography

I know given the theme of FH this might sound a bit strange, but when I first came up the work of San Leandro photographer Alwin from Fotorebelxt Photography I was most interested in the bodies within his images. No not all the nakedness... not really. I was interested in the array of bodies spread across his remarkable portfolio.

I am always slightly suspect when I view a body of work where all the bodies seemed cloned from one another. Same hair, same body shape, same poses. Alwin doesn't just shoot beautiful bodies, he makes bodies look their best, sexy and alluring. Given Alwin's focus on self discovery, I imagine him gently guiding his subjects on a journey, somewhere they have not been, yet somewhere they are already connected to, just a little outside their comfort zone.

Now, 23 year old Mukwonago, Wisconsin model Patrick Galten doesn't really need much help looking great, but Alwin's shots of Patrick ended up being some of my favorites from his portfolio. I loved Alwin's shots of Patrick with the ladder, especially the contrast between a movable, bendable body and the stiff vertical lines of the ladder. Patrick moves in front of, behind and within the wooden structure, getting up, yet not really moving up. My favorite shot is the very last one at the bottom below. The lines created from the ladder's steps and rails along with with Patrick's legs and arms create a beautiful, almost architectural image.

While on business in Northern California, Patrick contacted Alwin about collaborating on a photo shoot. Alwin says that Patrick shared his love, ever since he was a small boy, for being in front of the camera. Patrick wanted to gain experience as a model and expand his portfolio with new and different type of images and concepts. Patrick is open and very comfortable with his body and expressing himself creatively in front of the camera. Alwin says that Patrick's compelling images demonstrate the characteristics of Aries men: Independent, enthusiastic, assertive, impulsive, spontaneous, optimistic, self-reliant and positive.

'On the second day of our project, Patrick noticed a hand-made Southwestern Indian ladder in the family room. He wanted to use the ladder as a prop for a photo shoot. I eagerly agreed. As a photographer, I enjoy portraying the human figure with my own sensibilities and perspective. Working with each subject and using the highest degree of artistry that I am capable of. When photographing nude subjects, I usually don’t go into the session with preconceived ideas. I assess the situation and go with the flow.'

'In some ways, photographers are like painters. It takes years for their style to develop. At one point, however, everything seems to come together, and the strength of their body of work becomes evident. I consider every shot as an opportunity to experiment and push beyond my limits using various lighting techniques and lenses.'

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