Thursday, November 1, 2012

Classic Clip: Steven Weber in Single White Female

Steven Weber was and continues to be a favorite! Wings always felt sort of unappropriated by it's network NBC. Their attention seemed more channelled towards the Emmy winning Cheers, The Cosby Show and Family Ties. Wings however delivered solid ratings and comforting comedy for seven seasons, pre Amy Yasbeck being the better seasons. Don't you thinking those Hackett brothers would have made for a great threesome, pent up Joe along with the wilder, sexy wavy haired Brian who unlike his brother, seemed up for pretty much anything!

As Sam Rawson in Single White Female (1992), Weber's character came to a rather disturbing end. Hendra didn't suffer fools and murdering Sam wasn't quite enough. She first had to humiliate and sexual assault him in a scene featuring a quick, surprising, but satisfying frontal for a main stream movie. Dropping trou was nothing new for Weber who has spent some time naked on stage in a production of Hair.

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