Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Black On Black by JayBee

When I first contacted JayBee about using some of his images for my Halloween posts, I requested using the Ghost images I posted above and these images the artist titled Black On Black. Jay got back to me quickly and last night sent on a selection of Ghostly images to select for me use. Tonight... as I was about to post, these images creeped their way into my in box. Although I had to edit out another Halloween themed post, I am sure you will clearly understand why.

Last years first season of American Horror Story initially hooked me on black rubber suits and these incredibly hot and creatively original images have cemented the fixation. I love this set, sexually charged with more than hint of risk yes, but the skin on black rubber and black rubber on black background are also intensely visually dramatic! Thanks Jay for the last minute Halloween treat!

Frisky Frolic
In My Birthday Suit

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