Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The Phantom Phallus by JayBee

Each year, stories of the resurrection of the Phantom Phallus continue to terrify and taunt the self-righteous and the ignorant. As legend tells us, each Autumn, at midnight on October 31st, the Phantom Penis roams the back roads of small towns and villages, scouring Moose Lodge meetings and Church halls seeking out disgraced celery members, abusive parents and closeted republicans to erect his revenge.

One of the most terrifying things about the Phantom Phallus is that you cannot always predict when it will rise and appear. The PP usually remains in the dark, covered, cloaked and flaccid, often fooling it's victims into a false sense of security. Then, without warning, just when you think it's safe to pull away, it thrusts inward climatically devouring it's prey.

'I am JayBee, a photographer living in Seattle, WA. My photography strives to bring out the essence of "playful living at every naked moment possible". I'm always exploring the brilliance that lives in both simplicity and color.'
JayBee (from his profile on The Male Form)

Seattle photographer JayBee (Frisky Frolic) has been only one of a few artists actually able to successfully to capture the Phantom Phallus digitally. Usually fiercely private, and determined to avoid the lens of camera, JayBee demonstrates mythic skill and the ability to strip the spirits coverings down to the floor.

'This was a spur of the moment photo shoot. One of my models was coming by for another reason, and I had bought the mask, but not figured out what to do with it. So when he arrived, I asked if he had about 15 minutes to spare. He said yes, so I asked him to get naked and let's do an impromptu photo shoot, so I could have a Halloween posting. My models are always too happy to shed their clothes. Some walk in the door taking their clothes off, they get so excited, but all in due time, they'll be able to strip for the camera. After our 15-20 minutes, I had some images that I really thought displayed the essence of Halloween....fun, with a bit of frightful.'

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