Friday, February 1, 2013

Constructed: David Karamanis by Paul Smollen

'I am an Australian native of proud Greek heritage. My life at the moment revolves around my passion for fitness.'
David Karamanis

I am pleased to once again be able to showcase the work of Australian photographer Paul Smollen. (See my previous posts HERE:) In this shoot, Paul and model David G pay homage to the construction and steel workers of the past. 23 year old David is the perfect model to help pull of the task. An Australian native of proud Greek heritage, David has a body of steel himself. With a sporting background of rugby union play and wrestling, David's athleticism enhances the theme in each of Paul's images.

The location of the shoot was the central ingredient. Paul reports sourcing a location that proved dramatic as well as complimentary in a city like Sydney was difficult. 'Sydney is not a city known for keeping its older factories or if they do they are off limits'. Finally the old railway yards provided the ideal location for David to become the construction God.

'David was able to challenge the power and strength you see in former construction and steel workers. Yet during those times he was also able to show is flexibility and suppleness. Photographed on a blisteringly hot day in Sydney the heat radiated off the bricks and steel creating a challenge for both model and photographer. However David was able to use and channel that heat with Paul to produce a series of sultry images.'
Paul Smollen

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