Friday, February 1, 2013

The Men Of McKinley

It is no secret I have not been loving most of this season's Glee. Although some of the new characters have grown on me (although isn't it time to ditch Samuel Larson...), I have not loved the New York focus on Kurt and Rachel compared to the criminal lack of story for some of the other graduates, most notably Mercedes. Although it was great to see Quinn and Santana last night was it that difficult to have more than 2 seconds of Amber Riley in Sam's video or maybe 1 second of Harry Shum?

All that aside, I did enjoy last night's episode Naked, and not just because of all the skin! And..there was a lot of male skin, the episode could be sold as soft core gay erotica for the teen set. I thought the songs were better than most this season, especially Jacob Artist singing Ne-Yo's Let Me Love You. Although Lea Michelle has an incredible voice, her version of Torn was not nearly as good as Natalie Imbruglia's, whereas I much prefer Artist's Let Me Love You over the original.

Jacob Artist and Blake Jenner were incredibly hot, but Chord Overstreet is sex on a beautifully stupid stick!

Thanks to IronMan for the caps!

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