Sunday, April 21, 2013

Favorite Click Of The Day: The Guy Next Door

An Uncommon Magazine Celebrating The Common Man

I am not sure if I could sleep at night if this particular guy was living next door... Regular readers of FH will recognize this Calculated Musician who I regularly feature on the blog. I was surprised when a blog reader sent me the link last fall to Next Door Magazine's website which featured these incredible images from New York photographer Thomas Evans.

I was familiar with the magazine, but had not known of their site. One of my favorite parts of Playgirl Magazine used to be when regular guys sent in their own images for publication. If you visit Next Door, you will see for yourself some truly hot images in their gallery of models, including more of our feature model shown here!

I want to thank Next Door's publisher Indigo for supporting me sharing these great images from Thomas. He drove a hard bargain however which included my participation in the Everyman feature in the March issue. Check our more and order your own copies of past issues HERE:

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Anonymous said...

I want to snuggle right in with him