Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Paging Dr. Feelgood

Days Of Our Lives did a truly extraordinary job with Will's coming out storyline last year. Chandler Massey earned a much deserved EMMY and and his struggle, and subsequent acceptance of who he is, was riveting to watch. Sadly, Will has not been nearly as interesting since coming out of the closet. The show has not shied away from the storyline, in fact I have been impressed how far they have pushed the daytime envelope with love scenes. What the show has not done very well however is depicting being gay as interesting as they wrote the lead up.

Will's story has always been the most interesting to me, and given it's current state, I have not really been watching on a regular basis the last several months. A certain someone however has had me checking back on the goings on in Salem. The mystery of why the show decided to re-cast Cameron became apparent the past few weeks with the introduction of a new storyline. The good doctor is in need of some extra money, but instead of simply getting a loan, in true soap style, Dr. Davis decides to moonlight as a stripper.

If your going to recast a role, especially that of a doctor/stripper, hiring a male model is a pretty good bet. DNA Cover boy Nathan Owens fills out the scrubs, and his stripper shorts, just fine. The character, and the actor, started off sort of slow but Owens is finally starting to look like he is enjoying the job. Besides his modeling work, you might recognize Owens as Rihanna‘s love interest from her 'California King Bed' video.

Owens has an incredible look, one which he says comes from being a multi-ethnic mutt. Any dog lover knows however, that it is the mutts that are truly the most beautiful, special and loving. Check out more of Nathan on his Facebook HERE:


Bobby F said...

But, Tye,keep in mind, the former Cameron was completely naked on Broadway in TAKE ME OUT.

I still watch DAYS every day. The scene a few weeks ago where Sonny was giving Will some nipple play in bed was particularly hot! And I did like how the writers handled the imposing Brian into their relationship.

Bobby F said...

Chandler and Freddy, the guys who play Will and Sonny, got Daytime Emmy Nominations today for Younger Lead Actor. Chandler won the award last year.