Saturday, April 13, 2013

Summer In The Air by Richard Rothstein

Regular readers of FH are aware of my love of winter. Beginning with the first sign of snow, sometimes as early as October, I begin a season long quest to find and then post incredible winter captures, especially those featuring men in the snow.

Today April 13th, as the snow, sleet and freezing rain beats down on my weary roof, my love of the season is firmly locked away, not to opened again for at least another six months. This time last year I seem to remember running alongside the old train tracks near my house in just shorts and a t-shirt...not today.

One of the perks of spring and summer is of course the decrease in need we have for wardrobe. No matter how many amazing images of hot, often naked men the Internet offers, there really is really nothing better than coming upon a hot shirtless guy playing with his ball in the park. Your heart rate begins to skip as you discreetly try to slow your pace down...but just a little. You glance, but don't stare, as you visually capture the moment without film or a camera, for easy recall upon your arrival home.

Sadly I don't live near Central Park, nor I have I come across the Romanian soccer player captured here by Richard Rothstein. We have all however had a moment, similar to this one, that we fondly remember when we need it, especially on those mid April days when spring and summer seem so far away.

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