Monday, June 24, 2013

Exquisite Pain by Robert J Guttke

In every field and career, with every skill and form of artistry, there are some whose work stands out . In a field full of artists capturing the human form both digitally and on film, Robert J. Guttke is without question, a preeminent.  I have written about his work many times on FH and am honored he has shared both his imagery, and as important to me, so many of the stories behind them. Robert's work never ceases to take my breath away and the scope and breadth of his imagery has created some of the most powerful images I have had the pleasure of viewing. With Robert J. Guttke, if you see a model, 30 feet in the air, with a firm grip dangerously clinging atop a crane, there is actually a man, 30 feet in the air, firmly gripping that crane. That, is but one reason Robert's work stands out.

To be prominent in any field means striving for perfection. With Robert, that has meant it has taken awhile to find just the right way to showcase his work with the human body. The need for symmetry and order has meant Robert has been patient, called upon the HTML skills of friends and most of all taken his time in putting together, Exquisite Pain Photography, the new blog Robert has just opened to showcase his work. I know the words have many meanings for the artist, but the obvious pain required to create something, anything exquisite is where it begins. Please spend some time with Robert's new blog and look for frequent updates from his incredible body of work.

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Daniel O'Brien said...

I love Mr. Guttke's work! He definitely has an established style. It's impossible to look at one of his photos and not know it was him behind the lens. Truly a master!