Monday, June 24, 2013

Blast From The Past for June 25th

OK, I have to fess up, it is not Billy Hufsey's birthday, that would be December 8th. But it is the birthday of his Fame co-star Erica Gimpel. I think Erica was one of the most talented in the cast, great actress, dancer and incredible singer. Although Erica has worked pretty steadily since the show went off the air, she truly deserved to be be a much bigger star!

Thinking of Erica for today's birthday post however had me thinking of Fame and Billy Hufsey. To be honest, I have not seen much of Billy on Fame. I was too young to watch the show when it aired, but certainly saw some repeats and have the first 2 seasons on DVD (awaiting more!). Billy is such an 80's hunk, very Chippendale like. Everything about him from his hair, body and his poses in many of these shots, scream the 80's.

Billy did, and continues to have, a sex appeal that transcends any decade. He is still a working actor looks great, especially when smiling, in recent images that I have seen. I hope more seasons of Fame come to DVD so I can see him in action, singing and dancing, on the show.

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Brian said...

The entire series is on YouTube : ) I downloaded them all in December and am still working my way through them.