Tuesday, October 8, 2013


There was a time, before owning a DVR, I used to watch entire seasons of American Idol. After a couple of seasons of the singing comp, I skipped the audition rounds and began watching with Hollywood Week. AI has an element of cruelty to their audition shows I can't stomach. They prey on making fun of the mentally unstable and vulnerable and mercilessly use them for laughs. Since about 2008, when David Cook took the crown, I pretty much stopped watching Idol all together. With the DVR, I can still catch it now and then if there is a guest I want to see, or singer I have a bit of interest in.

Unlike Idol, with NBC's The Voice, and Fox's The X Factor, it is all about the auditions. I love the blind auditions on The Voice, and even though The X Factor is far too manipulative, heavily produced and scripted, I still enjoy the narrowing down process.

Despite not wanting to be manipulated by everyone's back story, I still found myself choking up with some of the singers packages. It makes it even harder when they end up getting the boot. One of my favorite auditions' from The X Factor, Jeffrey Brinkman (below), sadly got cut before making it to the main stage.

Jeffrey Brinkman of The X Factor

The Voice has a kindler gentler feel which makes watching a much more pleasant experience, yet I have still never really watched the show much past the audition rounds. Not sure why, but unlike Idol, which draws me in once the singers hit the main stage, with The Voice, that is where I have always lost interest. I might just have to stick around after watching Michael Lynch belt out the Enrique Iglesias hit Bailamos last night. Michael has an amazing stage presence and his infectious performance has me wanting to see much more of him!

Michael Lynch from The Voice

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Anonymous said...

The biggest downside to The Voice is that the winners never go on to do anything significant. Where are the Kelly Clarksons and Carrie Underwoods? All that build up seems to go nowhere.