Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Lanky: Poet Wright by P W Gomez

'His tall, lanky body had the wrinkles of sleep, and he smelled like cotton and dreams.'
Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood

There was a time when lanky was used as an insult. The ideal for the male body seemed to be a bit shorter, compact and muscular. Today, especially in the world of male modeling, lanky is not only now a compliment, it is the ideal frame many designers seek for fashion and the runway.

I think there might have once been an assumption that someone lanky, with their longer legs and arms, may not be able to move with the same fluidity in front of the camera as someone more firm and tight in body make-up. Truth is, body type is not as large a factor in body movement as is confidence and a model's ability to connect with their bodies natural movements and it's rhythm and flow.

The long and lean, luscious and lanky Poet Wright has a natural ability to use his body in front of the camera and pose is limbs in long beautiful lines. When I first discovered the work of Kalamazoo, Michigan photographer P.W Gomez, it was some of his images with Poet Wright that prompted me to contact him about a post. I love their work together, especially the train shoot, the poses how P.W captured and connected body with environment.

Poet Wright's body does not disappear or get eclipsed within the location, one of his strengths in front P.W's lens is to meet his location in strength and attitude, almost going toe to toe with the machinery which surrounds him and uses his body beautifully with his poses to compliment both is body, and all that surrounds it.

P.W. first met Poet Wright at Kalamazoo's "Black Arts Festival" a few years ago. After spending some time speaking with him, P.W. found out that he loved having his picture taken, he also has an incredible sense of humor and an infectious smile. P.W. gave him a business card and had pretty much given up on hearing from him when, about a month later, he received a call from Poet, who was interested in getting together to set up a shoot!

'He was a natural! His posing required almost no prompting and his lanky, dark physique was incredible and perfect for the session. His large, expressive eyes draw the viewer into the images and some of the impressive and incredible results can be seen in this blog. I am anxiously awaiting our next session'

'Modeling, to me, is a creative expression between myself and the photographer. Nude modeling allows one to explore deeper into that creative process and exploring the body. Working with PW Gomez has allowed me to release my art into the world. He's an amazing photographer and allowed me the freedom to 'be myself' during our shoots. I would love to work with him again and see where his creative mind can take my modeling.'


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