Thursday, October 10, 2013

On Track: Scott Kost by Prairie Visions Photography

When ever I interview a model, I am always interested in what brought them to modeling and what they might be hoping it may lead to. I find the answers to these questions fascinating and find they can sometimes add a layer of depth an interesting to my enjoyment of image or shoot. That was certainly the case with 24 year old Scott Kost.

Many models have worked for years to build a career in the public eye. Acting, music and even working in the fitness industry require building and connecting with an audience. Modeling for many has been a great way to begin connecting with others and getting their name, and face out there. Other models, I would go so far as to say more than half, never had modeling as an ambition, nor at any point in their lives planned on standing and posing in front of a camera, let alone doing it naked.

Some do it for artist reasons, the simple joy of being a part within something creative. Others say they simply do it for the enjoyment, something fun to do on the weekends or their down time. For others, it is like other jobs, a way to make a bit of extra cash. 2012 was not the greatest year for Scott. The Lincoln, Nebraska model need to find something to focus on, distance himself from the place had been and try, well fight, to get himself back on a positive track. He also need to start making some cash. What Scott chose to focus on, was a ad from Prairie Visions Photography looking for local models.

I have been covering the work of Prairie Visions many years on the blog. Kendal's images are always inspire me. The Nebraska photographer believes the human body is an art form that deserves exploration and expression. Kendal blends sensuality and athleticism within his work and although incredibly creative, I also love that Kendal often keeps a bit of an unfinished, beautifully raw feel to his images. Although Kendal has shot some incredibly hot men, one of his greatest skills is working with amateur models, someone not used to being in front of the camera. Through the shooting process, it is fascinating to watch them find, then be able to express a side of themselves they had not known they possessed.

Kendal gets a ton of model applications every week. Some have potential, but not all are what he is looking for. He could tell that Scott had a great build, and some interesting ink, but wasn't sure how his face would photograph. Kendal had Scott come in for a test shoot to get a closer look (first image on the left below). But he still wasn't sure about his face...

'Then I realized it's all about the hair! He had his combed forward, which isn't a flattering look for him. I showed him how he could use some styling gel to spike it up. Then we were on a roll! Just a little slick stuff and he went form dork to mega-hunk!'

As you can see, with only a slight change, Scott's transformation is incredible. The confidence is clear, and grew with each subsequent shoot. Scott completed his certification to be a personal trainer a couple months ago and is currently looking for a gym to work at. He has been working out hard and Kendal has encouraged him to compete in a body competition, not only as a pay off for all his hard work, but also the credibility it would add for his work as a trainer.

Although Scott began modeling to make some extra money, he didn't think he would enjoy the experience as much as he has. Currently, he is looking to expand his portfolio, and comfort level in front of the camera, both digital, and video. He and Kendal have a few ideas up their sleeve, some which sound pretty exciting and I promise to share when completed.

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