Friday, January 24, 2014


I have posted about Arrow and it's star Stephen Amell a few times on the blog. I began crushing on the Canadian cutie after seeing him Dante's Cove awhile back and have been following is career since. I started watching Arrow last year, but got behind and stopped watching for awhile. I got caught up with the DVD of season 1 over the holidays and am currently working my way through season 2.

Stephen Amell is the perfect lead for the show. Hot as hell yes, but also has an openness and quality about him that differs from many other Hollywood hunks. Amell seems undaunted by celebrity and appears to comfortable with what it takes to be a television superhero. He doesn't shy away, the way many actors seem to, of showcasing his body, as well as considerable acting talents, within his role. Amell jokes about the wig used for Oliver's island scenes, but I think I loved wigged Oliver as much as the buzz version.

It took a few episodes to fully commit, but once in I enjoyed the ride of season on. The cast as a whole is strong and I especially enjoy David Ramsey and Emily Bett Rickards as Arrow's crime fighting sidekicks. The one weak link to me is Katie Cassidy who is limited in range and displays little chemistry with Amell. I saw her need in the shows early development but her storyline's now only bogs things down. Cassity's Laurel Lance, destined to be Oliver's Lois Lane, is not up to the task. Amell's chemistry is much stronger with Bett Ricards character Felicty Smoak. (got to love that name)

Arrow seems to also welcome the shows large gay following and takes every opportunity to rip off Oliver's shirt. They also seem to enjoy toying with the homeotic within certain scenes and relationships. I know I am not the only one who found it fun, hot, and not the least bit subtle, to have John Barrowman's character tie up and torture the half naked, leather clad Amell in one of the shows first season episodes.

Dante's Cove
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Bobby F. said...

WOW! Steven has blonde pubes!?!? If this is true, this will for the first time ever kill my eyebrow theory!

JiEL said...

I never miss an episode of ARROW...

I'm a big fan of Stephen Amell and also of his cousin, Robbie Amell who I first thought they were brothers...

I also like to see him in the «Tomorrow People».
Both are Canadian raised in Toronto..

So proud of them...

What I most like of them are their cute ears...