Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Bandwagon... Mounted

I tried to resist... Like the rest of you, I fell in lust when first seeing the image of Dan Osborne texting in his undies. I headed over to Casperfan and drooled and downloaded his nude scenes from TOWIE, (The Only Way Is Essex) the 'scripted' reality show Dan appears on. I began to put a story together for the blog, but in researching Dan I quickly saw his images were rightly so now EVERYWHERE so I dropped it. I know that I have this annoying tendency to not want to post images, and write about people who are already saturated enough on the web.

Dan would not allow it however. Even his speedo wearing appearances on the UK reality show SPLASH, and subsequent interviews on the show with Tom Daley I passed up. My God he made it hard, then appearing in the latest Naked issue of Attitude! Finally he broke me, not just by the site of his naked body but by that body, and that smile in motion through the gifs created by other lovers of Dan. One can only hold on so long before exploding!

                                                         tx Jimbo!

                                                          tx gopher!

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