Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Bed Bath And Beyond: Travis by Suntown Photography

'Every man has a right to a Saturday night bath.'
Lyndon B. Johnson

Whenever I profile the work of Suntown Photography, I look forward to spending time in the beautiful locations he shoots in and around his home near London England. Suntown has taken me, and of course his models, along with him to beautiful English countryside's, through overgrown secluded gardens, and in old dirty barns and sheds to shoot. This time, we are staying clean, squeaky clean, inside with 21 year Travis Hodge as he spends a leisurely evening at home.

'I think is it a real shame that guys who are naturally hairy, or have hairy legs, feel they have to cover up so as not to get disparaging remarks such as being told they look like a Gorilla or Wooky. I would rather see body hair to tattoos or body piercing any day.'

The quote above comes from the first piece I did on Suntown's work back in 2012. It was the natural, unencumbered and often beautifully retro, way Dave's eye catches his subjects that first drew me to his work. Travis certainly fits well with Dave's philosophy and I love his look, especially his brown eyes and curve of his lips. Travis looks almost like a hybrid of model Ben Godfre and the Creek's Dawson Leary.

Suntown reports the shoot took place in West London on a wet and miserable day this past January. Travis had done a couple of shoots before but was still fairly new to posing totally nude. Travis keep fit through sports and manages to schedule shoots in between finishing essays and attending classes at University.

'He's a really nice guy and great personality. I am certainly hoping to work with him again in the coming year/s and his pics will be appearing in my book "Young Otters 2" which will available late in 2014.'


Anonymous said...

I like him. There's one photo in particular that's amazing (the second to last photo, saved as DD) because its so natural looking (for lack of a better term).

Anonymous said...

I want to take a bath with him