Friday, February 21, 2014


There is something far more sinister, even dangerous about an unaware bigot. With an outwardly hateful person, at least you know what you're dealing with. When they don't hide their hate, they don't try to fool you, or themselves.

I have never given Sherri Shepherd much thought. Yes, I know she has made some less than intelligent comments and even homophobic remarks in the past. They never really bothered me though as Sherri is an actress, not a scholar, she was not put on The View for her intelligence, but for her comedic comebacks. She blamed her ignorance, especially on gay issues to her upbringing, and to a degree I can cut her a bit of slack for that. Many, especially those brought with extreme religion beliefs are sadly often the slowest to accept that above all Jesus was about tolerance, non judgement and acceptance.

Today however, I found her downright frightening. Although I am sure she was not intending to show so much of herself, her comments about raising children, especially little boys, were ignorant, shameful and hurtful. Sherri made it clear there is something abnormal, even repulsive, about supporting feminine or caring qualities in little boys. She didn't stop there. Implying feminine qualities in toddlers was disgusting enough, but she went further, supporting the nurturing of aggression as being more favorable. I guess an aggressive, abusive child is preferable to Ms. Sheppard than a feminine, or God forbid, gay one. I wish Rosie was still on The View, Whoopi doesn't seem to care enough to bother, and even when she does isn't articulate enough to make a decent point. Rosie would have nailed her.


Anonymous said...

Wow! That's really sad to hear. I've loved her since her brief appearance on Friends ("I gave you my snack pack!". I've also really been enjoying her on The Newlywed Game. It's going to be difficult to enjoy her show now that I know this about her.


Proud said...

Thank you for the observant truthful post about Sherri Shepard. She says bigoted homophobic things without a shred of self awareness.
I don't give her a pass for being brought up in a bigoted "Christian" home; any more than I give a pass to racists who were brought up in racists homes and continue to cling to their racism.
Shame on Whoopie and Barbra who know better than to give Sherri tacit approval.