Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Far From The Tree

I so want to like TNT's Dallas reboot but no matter how hard I try it continues to fall flat. My emotional connection to the original runs deep as in the late 80's it was the only television show, the only anything really, that brought my parents together in one room. I also love Josh Henderson, whose sexy walk, bad boy pout and sultry eyes mix together into a potent cocktail oozing delicious erotic energy.

Problem is, the creators have no clue how to tell a good story. They are all over the map with direction, character development and focus. Story and characters seem to change on a whim, episode to episode, hell, sometimes even scene to scene. One suggestion if anyone connected to the show happens to be listening... The original 13 year run on CBS gave you your show and give you your legacy, stop snubbing your nose at the reason most most fans tuned in to begin with! Instead of a Lucy wannabe (Emma), give us the Lucy. Instead of Katherine clone (Judith) bring back the actual queen bitch. All of those millions of viewers who tuned in on the first go round had taste and brains. They tuned out when the show went downhill and they're tuning off your show now. Give them a reason to keep returning to Southfork.