Thursday, February 27, 2014

Prime: Patrick Connors by Patrick Slater

'The best location is where you are, and your best model is who you have.'

I first featured the work of North Carolina photographer Patrick Slater last autumn. (Visible Spectrum) In the piece I featured Patrick's work with Jon taken in around the Appalachians of North Carolina. Patrick had sent on three distinctly different shoots with three different models.

I titled the first post Visible Spectrum because despite the artists severe colorblindness, it is amazing the depth, detail and perspective Patrick captures, not just with models, but the locations in which he shoots them in. I loved the location in which he chose to place model Patrick Connors. I purposely chose not to ask Patrick exactly where in North Carolina the shoot took place. Whether a full barn or associated production or meat factory, it was the perfect local for showing the prime beef that is Patrick Connors.

'I shoot for light, the color takes care of itself.'

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