Saturday, March 22, 2014

Meanwhile, Back in the House...

The men of Big Brother Canada continue to provide memorable moments. There have already been a few images, pre-beard of Kenny posted on the net, but the image above is a nice one. Meanwhile in the house, Jon (below) begins his pulling and stretching, always a good idea before starting to exercise.

Arlie (above and below) has officially grown on me. The house clown yes, but in addition to his love of running around the house naked he also has nice eyes, such a great smile, and beautiful lips. I just hope he soon finds out what direction he is going to go with his head and body hair.

You can check out more of the Men of Big Brother Canada on Youtube HERE:

In other Big Brother news, (old news to many) BarbwireX posted these recent shots of BB Australia's Jamie. Jamie remains a favorite for many and thankfully still seems to enjoy being naked for the enjoyment of others. See my previous Jamie post HERE:

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